Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bird in a bottle?

Wanted to share some info on a new bird house that I tried last year. It's called the Williamsburg Bird Bottle. I first saw it last spring and thought it would look good mounted on one of the post of my deck. If nothing else, I figured it would make for a nice decoration for the deck; but my real intensions were to hopefully attract a pair of House Wrens.

Spring turned into summer without any luck, but one day in mid July I noticed a pair of Eastern Bluebirds checking out the bottle. After a week or so of investigating, they began bringing nesting material to the bottle, and before long the female was setting on 5 eggs. See picture above.

It was a real treat to have a pair of Eastern Bluebirds nest right at your backdoor. My wife & I enjoyed sitting on our deck in the late afternoon watching the Bluebirds feed their young. They didn’t seem to mind us being there as long as we remained still. I’m looking forward to the upcoming spring in hopes that the birds return to their bottle.
To learn more about the Williamsburg Bird bottle click on the link below:

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Anonymous said...

HI, I have a bird bottle outside my office window and have been watching the house wrens making a home for weeks now, feeding the babies, and just this morning, the first fledglings are poking their heads out out of the bottle mouth to see the world!
your bird bottle would make it easier for them to come and go if you stuck a twig through that ceramic hole in the bottom, and pushed it all the way into the corresponding hole in the base of the bottle. It is there to provide a perch.
wish I had eastern bluebirds! what a treat.