Sunday, October 26, 2008

Migration Miracle

Thought I would share some interesting news I came across this week dealing with bird migration.

It seems that recently some tiny sensors were placed on a bar-tailed godwit to monitor their migration patterns. What they found out was amazing! Follow the link below to see a short video clip from ABC Good Morning America (give the video a few seconds to begin playing):


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Mary said...

As Diane said, "Amazing. Beautiful."

Thanks for sharing, Alan. Kind of reminds me of the tiny hummers on their flight across the Gulf.

Kyle said...

Wow, that really is amazing. Glad you spotted that and passed it along.

Good to see you back, Alan. I've missed your posts!

Alan Pulley said...

Thanks Kyle - I've been real busy with things going on at work & at home. I hope to get back on schedule here soon!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Kyle said...

I certainly understand that! Family always comes first, with work often shouldering everything else out of the way to take up what little time remains.

Hope everything's going okay!