Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cool & Useful Garden Links

 Like most blogger's, I enjoy reading other blogs when time permits, and its probably no surprise that I tend to favor nature and garden related content. However, I must admit that I also enjoy reading a few other blogs that may not fit that criteria. One such blog I enjoy visiting daily is Lifehacker. Lifehacker is made up of a team of bloggers that post several times a day covering tips and tricks for streamlining your life. A lot of the content is technology and web 2.0 related but don't let that stop you from checking them out - you just might learn something.

Recently they've featured some really cool garden related post and sites that I thought would be worthy of sharing with you.

The first site is called SproutRobot! SproutRobot will build a custom planting schedule based on your zip code so you always know what to plant and when. It's free to sign up but they also offer paid services that offer extra benefits. Click here to access and read Lifehacker's post with more info about SproutRobot!

pest Next is a web tool called Garden Pest Detective. This site helps you hunt down garden pest. Pick the vegetable, select the kind of damage you're seeing, and the Pest Detective highlights what could be causing it, from plant pests to diseases. Click here to access Lifehacker's post to learn more about this.

And related to this same subject, check out Lifehacker's post titled How to Keep Your Yard and Garden Pest-Free Without Harsh Chemicals. This post discusses garden pest from slugs to deer. Within this post check out how you can repel garden pests with coffee.

herbsLastly, check out their recent post about cloning herbs from cuttings to expand and extend your garden season.



I hope you can find at least one of these links useful this season in your garden.


April Lorier said...

Coffee? See, I knew God made coffee beans for more than one good reason! :-D
Still waiting for an unveiling of a new painting by my favorite artist!

Alan Pulley said...

Hey April! I'm working on it...coming soon!

Lisa said...

Phooey. It seems that Sprout Robot isn't working. It sounded really interesting.

Angie said...

Thanks for posting the links - great resources!

Angie said...

Thanks for posting the links - great resources!

I'm also looking forward to seeing your latest painting!