Friday, May 6, 2011

WBU Product Review and Giveaway

Don’t you just love American Goldfinches? No matter how often you see them, the male’s bright yellow plumage this time of year is an instant head turner. Like most bird species, the female’s plumage is a bit less colorful than the males, but nevertheless they are always fun to have around the yard.

I’m excited to share that the bird feeder in this post is my new Wild Birds Unlimited Medium Quick-clean Finch Feeder. As you can see, the goldfinches wasted no time acclimating themselves to it. The seed is easily added from the removable top cover and the reinforced metal feed port makes it safe and easy for the finches to dine on the Nyjer (thistle) seed.

One of my favorite things about this feeder is how easy it is to take apart. Two buttons on either side release the base from the tube for emptying old food and providing a one, easy step method for quick cleaning.

Keeping your birdfeeders clean is a must, but can present problems because many bird feeders on the market today aren’t designed with that in mind. A feeder not properly cleaned often can become contaminated with droppings and moldy birdseed, creating a habitat for unwanted parasites and harmful bacteria.

Like many of Wild Bird Unlimited (WBU) products, it’s backed by a lifetime guarantee that includes squirrel and raccoon damage (which is known to happen from time to time).

WBU was gracious enough to let me try this feeder out in my backyard at no charge, and you too can also have one of these feeders for FREE or any other WBU product up to $50.00 (US only).

Yep, that’s right! WBU is has generously allowed me to make this offer to one of my lucky readers. To participate just browse their website or the product links below, pick out any one item $50.00 or less and let me know what you’ve picked out (including item number will help) by leaving it in the comments below this post (one comment per person). I will determine a winner via help from the website “Random Thing Picker” .

I will contact the winner to gather shipping information and pass it, along with what you have chosen, to my WBU contact and they will ship the product to you at no charge. A winner will be chosen on 5/20/11 so be sure to get your comment in by then!

You can choose this feeder or select from one of many of the other products and accessories that WBU offers. For you convenience I have added links to their products below. Have fun browsing and GOOD LUCK!

Binocular Strap
wild bird seed
thistle seed
nyjer seed
black oil sunflower seed
suet feeder
wild bird feeder
window bird feeders
finch feeders

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BirdingMaine said...

What a wonderful review and giveaway! I have this same finch feeder and love it, as do the finches.

Here is my pick:

WBU Decorative Window Hummingbird Feeder – 8 oz
Item #3338
Item is available.
USD$ 29.99

Thank you!

Dave said...

I really like how you can clean it out so easily. I've had trouble with our finch feeder for just that reason. If I happen to win I think I'd be happy with the feeder you reviewed! Looks good to me!

Alan, stop by - I happen to have a drawing too!

silverroses2 said...

Awsome giveaway! I will keep my fingers crossed :) My pick would be the WBU Spiral TreatTray 3542
Thanks for the chance, Autumn
silverroses2 at hotmail dot com

Dawn Fine said...

I just bought one of those feeders at the Wild Birds easy to clean.
Happy birding!

eileeninmd said...

A great review Alan. It is a nice finch feeder. I would be happy to enter your contest.

I picked out the same Decorative window hummingbird feeder for $ 29.99 and item # 3338.

Jan said...

Alan, this is a great giveaway;-) The removable base on the finch feeder is a real asset. I have an abundance of feeders, though, so I will refrain from entering the contest for that reason. But I did want to stop by and say hi, just the same;-) I was glad you entered my sustainable living giveaway...sorry you didn't win--but your book review was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alan,

I like the Quick-clean feeder in this review. Thanks, Jane

mick said...

All those little golden birds on the feeder are beautiful! It would be very nice to get a free gift - but as I expected WBU says "continental US shipping only :-( Australia is a long way from there!

Mary said...

Hi Alan,

I have the same finch feeder, medium size. Looking forward to large one next Fall. I like it for the ease of cleaning as finch feeders need cleaning most often. I purchase everything I need from WBU here in Concord, NC - the store is a heavenly retreat for me :)

There are many birds to feed here so I always enjoy adding dining surprises and treats. This is my pick:

JIm's Birdacious Treats Combo

Thanks for the invitation, Alan! I enjoyed your post.


Vickie said...

Great review and give-away, Alan!

My pick is the WBU Slide/Flex Bino-System Binocular Strap (1813)
Price USD$ 24.99


Amy said...

Before I knew what I was doing, I bought a few cheap finch feeders, but they were a total struggle to clean. That WBU feeder looks great; I have some that are similar to that now (threw away all the bad ones!). Thanks for the contest; I'd pick the WBU EcoTough® 9" x 9" Tray Bird Feeder with Cable (1289) if I win.

Les said...

This is a very generous contest, and it is great that they have offered it to you. Since my monocular was ruined in a violent soda accident, I think if I was to win, I would pick:

Vortex Solo 8x25 Monocular (2597)

and at $49.99 I'd have a penny leftover.

Bammer Slammer said...

What a cool contest! I'd love to win the feeder you featured, so please put me in the hat, Alan!

Larry said...

Hey Alan, nice shots of the Goldfinches and a great review of the thistle feeder!

If I won the drawing I would choose:

WBU Dinner Bell Bird Feeder (1128)

Thanks Alan!

Junk Loving Girl said...

Oh my, the selection was huge and so hard to pick. We have a lot of seed feeders and such so I think for a change I would pick the large decorative hummingbird feeder (purple) 3027

Willi said...

Hi, Alan! I'm actually interested in the quick clean feeder you reviewed. I am just getting into bird feeding and it seems like that feeder attracts a wide range of birds. I'd hang off my garage, where I'd have a view of it from my kitchen window. Thanks for the fun contest!

Kay Baughman said...

What fun! I would like the WBU Medium Quick-Clean™ Seed Tube Bird Feeder (green) (1033).Price USD$ 43.99. I like that it has a guarantee that covers squirrel and raccoon damage. (We have the world's most destructive raccoons in the world.) I also like the way they clean out so easily.
Thanks for the contest! I also like your blog.

iloveks said...

What a wonderful site you have. A great resource for someone just learning about Wild Bird feeding. Thanks for the great information and for hosting a fun giveaway. I enjoyed the WBU site and learning about the different feeders. My choice would be:

EcoClean™ Medium Mesh Finch Feeder (3612)
Price USD$ 49.99

#FeedtheBirds said...

Great review.

My favorite finch feeder is the WBU Finch Mesh Bird Feeder. I'm up to 5 finch mesh feeders now and a garden full of finch feeding flowers.

I'm not entering the contest, just adding my 2 cents. Good luck to all.

WisePati said...

Love my bird feeders! If I would be so lucky as to win the giveaway I would love this:
WBU EcoTough® Double Tail Prop Suet Feeder (3019)
The EcoTough(r) feeders I have are the best.

Candacer28 said...

I think this is such a great feeder! I have one of these too. I am pretty particular about my feeders and how clean they stay.. I don't want any of my birdies getting ill :)

Thanks for doing this giveaway. It's nice that WBU is allowing you to do it!

Out of all the things I have from WBU, I still do not have a bird house. I just purchased 25 acres in the country and have a house being built on it... I'd love to bring in some nesting birds!

Here's my pick!

WBU EcoTough® Carolina Wren/Chickadee Nesting Box (3022)
Price USD$ 49.99

Thanks so much,

Julie G. said...

Wonderful review and terrific giveaway! You've sold me! The many finches in our area would LOVE the WBU Medium Quick-Clean Finch Feeder (yellow)
Item #1044

Thank you for your generosity!

Unknown said...

I'm passing this review on to my wife who is the birder in the family. I call her collection of feeders in the tree outside our bedroom window Burd Town. Some mornings there are so many critters singing in that tree that I half expect it to take flight.

Having taken delivery of my first super telephoto lens this afternoon this pick was easy. Man, is that camera suddenl HEAVY!

WBU Slide/Flex Bino-System Binocular Strap (1813)