Sunday, June 8, 2008

D. S. Birding Festival - Part III, The Snake Handler

Okay, so this is the third and final post on the Dismal Swamp Birding Festival, held back in early May.

After our tour we decided to get a bite to eat and view some of the displays that were set up. One of the displays that caught our attention was the one set up by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. There they had an assorted display of real and stuffed animals set up for viewing and handling. My daughter Morgan was especially intrigued with the live snake display. After touching one of the snakes, she asked to hold one. So...

Here she is holding a small mole kingsnake.


(...NO, she is not part of some weird religious cult...HA, HA!)


Here she looks like she is trying to decide if she should be afraid of it...still holding the mole kingsnake.



Next, they pulled out a snake that was a bit larger - the red cornsnake.

Would you believe that she is TERRIFIED of bugs!!



At one point she ask to take one home. Mom was quick to say NO! Mom was nervous enough about the current situation in her hand!


Last but not least was the black ratsnake. This snake was just a little too large for her to hold by herself.


Yes, the little girl that's so afraid of bugs loved the snakes! Go figure...


Here she says good-bye to a 'stuffed' river otter.


Although small, it was a quality festival. We learned a lot about our nearby refuge, and look forward to going next year.


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Mary said...


That second photos is a riot! I'm proud of her handling a snake. Like Morgan, I'd rather handle a snake than even LOOK at a spider :o)

I sent the Barn Swallow link to work to read.

Stay cool!


Alan Pulley said...

You stay cool as well.

Thanks for stopping by!