Friday, June 6, 2008

Gracious Living

Personally, I'm not a big news buff, and when it comes to the daily newspaper, I can take it or leave it (normally leave it). With that said, there are a couple of weekly publications by my local news paper that I do try and read when I have the opportunity. One of those sections is called Gracious Living. This weekly (Sundays paper) section includes a variety of articles and tips on mostly home and gardening. More often than not, there's a gardening tip or two that I come across that appeals to me.

Remembering these tips is the challenge I face. I'll often write down or clip out these articles; but after a short while they are usually lost or forgotten. So I figured, why not just type them here in my online journal. By adding them here they can be tagged appropriately and easily referred to later. Another advantage in doing it this way is the ability to share it with others that may be interested.

Now for this weeks "worth saving" clips:



More tips to come...

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