Sunday, June 29, 2008

Make Your Windows Safe

  Lets face it, most of the traditional methods for preventing birds from flying into windows either look terrible, can be difficult to install, or in some way block our view. I recently came across a fairly new product put out by Duncraft. They are now offering removable UV decals that stick to the outside of the window to help keep the birds away. And for the good news - the tinted decals are nearly transparent when viewed inside the house, but reflect ultraviolet sunlight outside that warns birds to change direction (see example below).

The only question I must ask is what if the sun is not out? I'm guessing that it will still reflect light, just not as strong as it would if the sun was out.

Can't wait to try these on my glass sliding back door...


The decals can be purchased directly from Duncraft in a variety of shapes.


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