Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My New Compost Bin

I wanted to write and share new product (new to me at least) I recently received as a gift that has me excited about composting again - not that I didn't compost before, its just now I have a cool new bin that keeps it all together and looks good to!

This new compost bin idea  is very simple, looks neat, and has functionality all at the same time. It's modeled after one designed by Sir Albert Howard, a 20th-century English gardener often referred to as the "father of composting". The bin itself is a simple structure consisting of metal corner posts onto which you attach boards to. Here is a picture of the corner post from Lee Valley, where mine was purchased:


All you have to do is supply and attach 1" X 6" boards to form your square bin. The boards should be made of of rot-resistant lumber. 


Once cut to length (48"), the boards are angled inward and attached to the corner brackets with the supplied screws. This angled design helps funnel the rain into the bin, and there's sufficient space between them to allow for good air flow.


The top three boards at the front of the bin are not attached so they can be easily removed to access the interior of the bin and to keep it stirred.




It's empty now, as you can see, but believe me, it will be filled in know time!

It helps to have the compost bin conveniently located and it also needs to be clear of trees, whose roots will invade the rich material and suck the nutrients out of it. Placing the bin near a water source is a good idea as well, because periodically you'll need to give it a shot of water when it gets dry. Finally, it needs to be in a spot that gets at least a half day of sun for it to heat up properly.

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh! I LOVE that! I wish I had the room for one that big. Maybe someday!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is the coolest compost bin I've seen in a long time.