Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Click here to learn more about helping frogs in your area.

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Upcountrysmiles said...

Aloha from Upcountry Maui!

Very nice shot...I'm glad I discovered your blog.
Happy WW!
Cindy O
Stop by & visit!

kayerj said...

that's just cool. I remember digging toads up under the bush in our front yard. Here’s my WW hope you can stop by!

Kathleen said...

I find toads dug in like this around my yard frequently. This year, since I installed my first little water garden, I find them in the pond! I guess they like the variety. I'm hoping for tadpoles....

Unseen India Tours said...

OMG !! This Toad Is So Colorful !! His Eyes Are So Nice !! I Loved The Way You Captured It !! Great One..Also I Have Started My Own Website And Would Like You To Have A Look At It.I Would Love To Have Your Comments On That Also.Unseen Rajasthan

Dawn Fine said...

hee hee..I love frogs and toads..I remeber my mother saying not to touch because I might get a wart..I did anyway..had a few warts as a kid.
your name came up this weekend with Christopher from Picus blog At our Birders, who Blog, Tweet and Chirp outing..
I think it might have been related to some birding count you might do with him and a team..
See ya next post