Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Birding Adventure TV

Hello everyone! Yes, I’m still here alive and well, trying to survive through the busy summer months. I want to apologize for the sporadic post lately; I hope to be back on regular “blog schedule” soon…

I wanted to take a moment and pass along the word about an email I recently received from James Currie. James is the host of a very cool TV program called Birding Adventures. It’s a program that focuses on destination and adventure birdwatching. It takes you to some of the best exotic birding destinations in the world looking for rare and highly sought after bird species. James informed and asked me to pass along the news that Birding Adventures has branched out and is now being offered to a wider audience across the US.

If it’s still not available in your network you can go to the web site to watch previews and purchase complete episodes. Season 1 is already out with 13 episodes and can be purchased for $14.95.

Check it all out when you get a chance!


Dawn Fine said...

Yeah..why do u go disappearing on us like that! Here I am waiting at your blog for over a week..just waiting..
Seriously though..Thanks for coming back..I know how busy summer gets.
I am just now catching up on some blog reading because it is a rainy day.
Thanks for your very kind comment about my NBN interview.
and thanks for the heads up about this show..
dont know if we get it on our Direct TV..will look into it.

Larry said...

thanks-I'm going to bookmark that and look into it.

April Lorier said...

Well! I'm certainly happy to find out you're still alive! Maybe you were busy painting? (hint, hint)