Monday, August 18, 2008

Upside-down Tomatoes - Give Them a Try!


I've always been skeptical of new garden gadgets and ideas that differ from the ordinary. Maybe it was because of my dad, who instilled in me the basics of gardening, and always questioned anything "outside the box". But as I get older and experiment in my own garden I have become open to new practices and ideas that once sounded ridiculous to me.

One of those ideas is the upside-down tomato planter. These planters have gained more popularity throughout the years but I figured they were just for people who didn't have room on their own property to grow tomatoes the "right" way. I have to admit that they have definitely aroused my curiosity, but I really never thought of trying them until recently. What got me thinking was a recent article in my local paper about an older gentleman (who probably knows more about growing tomatoes than anybody) growing them with great success, and even admitting that they tasted better than his soil grown traditional ones. Who would have figured? Also, what's even more interesting is the contraption that he made to hold the tomatoes up. He rigged up a pulley system on a framed structure made of pvc pipe so he could easily raise the tomatoes plants as they grew.

The article goes on to mention several advantages of growing tomatoes this way which include: no staking, no weeding, and less disease and pest problems. I think I may break my tradition and give these upside-down tomato planters a try next spring!

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Merisi said...

I didn't know that there were special planters for the way my brother grows his tomatoes lately! I think he uses some old pails, but will have to check and also inquire about the kind of soil he uses. He has his plants hanging from the woodstack that leans to his shed.

Good luck with your upside-down crop next spring! :-)