Monday, February 23, 2009

BirdCam Adventures 3

I've taken my Wingscapes BirdCam mobile for this series of bird photos. I've taken it to my parents place just a few miles west from where I live. Even though we live within a few miles of each other the variety of birds are somewhat different. They live on a wooded lot and their feeders attract a different variety of woodland birds that I don't get on my open lot.

So lets see what BirdCam found...

First on the list is the ever so common Northern Cardinal.


Look closely at this next one and you will see two male cardinals fighting. This is the time of year that the males start becoming territorial.


The male cardinal below wants to get a close-up.


Next on the list is the white-throated sparrow. Although its breeding range barely extends outside of Canada, it is common throughout the middle to eastern United States in winter.


Notice how well they blend in with the ground below...


Next is one of my favorite sparrows - the fox sparrow.


The fox sparrow is another winter visitor. Their neat to watch under the bird feeders. They scratch the ground using both feet at the same time, also referred to as "double-scratching". I've noticed that they are very shy about coming out to the feeders compared to other types of sparrows.

Last but not least is the song sparrow.


Song sparrows are very common throughout the US. They live up to their name in being persistent singers during the breeding season.


Before concluding, I learned that some birds just couldn't take not being included; so an agreement was made that I will include them in this post if they continue to provide me with fresh eggs. After all, they are birds aren't they?




...there, I hope you chickens are happy!!


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Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

For the Great Backyard Bird Count I had at least the White Throated Sparrow and the Song Sparrow, not sure about the Fox Sparrow. I will have to watch more closely with my binaculars to view the differences between the Song and the Fox.

Kelly said...

haha! those chickens! Yesterday was my birthday and my husband gave me a Wingscapes BirdCam. I can't wait to set it up and use it. Love the Fox Sparrow...they've visited our feeders twice in the past two years, but they don't venture out into the suburbs too often around here.

Unknown said...

Great variety of birds here. Those chickens are the best!!

Bob Kaufman said...

Very interesting birds that showed up on your birdcam. The chicken, of course, had to be the best!

Wisconsin Birder said...

A Birdcam is on my wishlist! How cool to get such great shots right at ground level. Love the chickens!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love the cardinal and the chickens coming in for their close ups!

Wendy said...

Sweet pictures, right there on their level. Beautiful visitors.

mick said...

Nice photos. A bird cam is on my wish list too!

Kim said...

I always love your birdcam photos. I love the cardinal close up. The fox sparrow is such a good looking bird. I have two song sparrows who have lived in my yard this winter. I absolutely love them. Great pictures.

Les said...

Do the chickens live there year-round, or did they fly in for the winter?

Leedra said...

The chickens are the best part! Especially the first one. LOL!

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Chandramouli S said...

Great pictures of the cardinals, Alan. That picture of the cock staring straight at the camera was funny - he has a funny expression.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! This is the best! I love the photos of the birds checking out the camera, especially the cardinal. And the chicken photos are priceless. I might need to invest in one of these bird cams because my hens never cooperate when I try to take their pictures.

Aki said...

I feel a good vibration from your blog. Beautiful photos.
This is chickens in my garden.

Kyle said...

Great shots, Alan! I've got to look into those birdcams -- I love the photos you've gotten with them! I really liked the close-up of the male Cardinal, tho. Reminds me of my cats at home. Any time I sit down on the floor with the camera or video camera, one or the other of them immediately has to come over and look directly into the lens to see what's going on. "Hello? Is there any food in there?"

Anonymous said...

Great birdcam captures Alan! It's amazing what great pictures they take isn't it? I have one I got last nesting season that I hope to get some good shots of my nesting birds and the Acorn Woodpecker nest I recently discovered.

I love all the photos but I must say the chickens make great subjects!

Redzlan said...

Beautiful low ground level bird pictures.

Phillip Oliver said...

I saw one of these on Martha Stewart and I'm dying to get one!

ANUAR ZAIN said...

You have a lot of beauties here. I really enjoyed viewing your products and they are really fabulous. Well done!

Dave said...

Great shots! The chicken shots are really something! I missed this post originally but found it through your guest post.