Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Facebook Troubles

This is just a quick post to inform all my blogger Facebook friends that my Facebook page was recently hacked. Apparently, the hacker is asking many of my friends for money on my behalf. Please be aware that if you receive any recent messages from me on Facebook it's not me!

The hacker changed my password so I can't even log in!! I have notified Facebook via email so hopefully the account will be removed within the next day or so.

Here is some additional information on this scam:


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Kim said...

Thanks Alan! I was a victim of that last night and was worried about you and your family. The hacker said you were stuck in London. It didn't sound like you and it alarmed me even more.

I am so happy you are okay and it was just some creep hacking into your account.

Unknown said...

I don't Facebook or MySpace. Blogging is far enough out there for me.....this is Creepy Alan! Hope they get it corrected.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Sorry to hear that Alan. What a pain.

Alan Pulley said...

Kim, I’m sorry that you were targeted last night. I’m totally in the loss of how it exactly happened. I hope my other friends pick up on the fact that it’s not me! Very frustrating!!!

Darla thanks. I’m beginning to think that blogging may be enough for me as well!

Thanks Janet. Definitely a pain! Now I'm worried about my blog account. Like anything else, I'm sure it could be hacked as well!

Dawn Fine said...

Wow Alan, that sucks! I am glad I came to your blog to see whats up..No one asked me for money..

but i did put on your facebook that you account was hacked and someone was looking for money.
Hopefully that others were concerned about you and what was going on.

Alan Pulley said...

Thank you Dawn!! My wife posted a message on the FB homepage because a lot of her friends are mine as well, so hopefully they saw it; however, she is not friends with most of my blogger FB friends like you are. So hopefully most of them will see your message. THANK YOU for getting the word out!!

On a side note…are you guys going to try and attend the Dismal Swamp Birding Festival next month?

Jan said...

Hi Alan,
I am so sorry this has happened to you. I asked my husband about it and he said it could even happen with blogger blogs, but so far, I don't think Blogger has been a victim. Hackers are incredibly clever and can probably do anything. I don't have facebook or twitter or anything else. I can barely keep up w/blogging. I hardly visit most of the people I want to, because it's so time consuming. I don't even post as much as I want to. Everything takes time.
I'd love to be involved w/some of the birding groups you are in, BUT I'm afraid I'd get overwhelmed with 'just one more' thing to add to my schedule. I really don't know how so many bloggers seem to do it all!
Anyway, I hope things smooth over for you on Facebook & noone gets scammed because of this obnoxious hacker!

Kim said...

Alan, just to let you know he tried chatting w/ me again this morning before I left for work. I ignored him obviously.

Valeriannah said...

Wow what a bummer. I did a google search on one of my blogger blogs and somehow someone managed to redirect the link to porn sites. I'm not certain at this point what to do. I also found a bunch of my animated GIFS being hotlinked by a bunch of myspace users. So many leeches out there. Sorry to hear about your situation.