Monday, December 1, 2008

Bird Photography Weekly #14

This weeks pick for BPW is the prothonotary warbler. I took these pictures while birding this summer in the Great Dismal Swamp NWR.

Please excuse the quality of these photos...this prothonotary warbler was not cooperating with me. They tend to move rather quickly along the waters edge, moving from branch to branch, foraging actively in low swampy foliage, looking under leaves for insects.



Prothonotary warblers breed across most of the midwestern and southeastern US. They are one of only a couple warbler species that nest in cavities.

Prothonotary warblers were on the Audubon 2007 watchlist. Studies have shown that its numbers are declining in several areas of its range.



Wendy said...

Very cute warbler. Nice find. It looks like was quite the "dismal swamp." How fun for you.

mick said...

A beautiful little bird. Too bad some birds just won't sit still for their photos :-)

Vickie said...

Hi Alan. I think the second photo is great. It gives a nice idea of the bird's size and habitat.

I remember so well my first encounter with one of these beautiful little birds in west TN. I was so totally thrilled. No photos, just terrific looks and a song!

Arija said...

At least he was bright enough to spot! You di well to capture such good recocnizable shots.

Bob Kaufman said...

I can relate to your experience. My wife and I had a hard time getting pictures of these active birds while we were in Texas.

Anonymous said...

That is a very cool warbler, it is a species I have not seen one in many years the photo is great. Our back garden is beside a large marsh and we used to see pretty ones every now and then.

Anonymous said...

It's behavior reminds me of watching Song Sparrows flitting around the waters edge or from lower branches in swampy areas.