Friday, December 26, 2008


I hope Santa was good to everyone this year! I have to say that he was especially good to me. I received some really nice gifts - one of them being the Wingscape BirdCam.


This was a gift from my parents that included not only the camera, but the holiday package that included the mounting bracket, tripod and an extra 2gig memory card. I had it all setup and ready to go today but the rain held me back. Although this camera is weatherproof I decided to wait and break it in on a nicer day (hopefully tomorrow). Can't wait to start posting some results!!

And while we are on the subject of photography, my wife gave me a very nice Canon 300mm lens to go with my Canon XTi. Lots of photos to come!


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Amy said...

I got one for Christmas too. The weather has been lousy for it (overcast and wet) but I've tried it out. I need to do some more testing to find the best place and settings. It's really neat.

Mary said...

Have fun with your new toys, Alan :o)

Let's see what that lens can do!


Dawn Fine said...

Oh my what great presents..cant wait to see the photos from you birdie cam.