Friday, January 23, 2009

Are you a Compulsive Gardener?

Too a lot gardeners (like me), this time of year can be very tough. As the seed catalogs pour in and the winter days drag on there’s only so much indoor garden planning one can do. There comes a time when a gardener just needs to get his or her hands dirty!

With that said, I recently came across a newspaper article that puts it all in perspective for the compulsive, obsessive gardener. Here’s how to tell if you fit in that category - I definitely relate to a few of these:

1. When stuck in traffic, you want to weed the median strip.

2. On a walk in the neighborhood, you look at the plants so much that you trip on the sidewalk.

3. You find yourself worrying about your neighbor’s plants. Especially when your neighbor is doing something stupid.

4. You are tempted to adopt those straggly, mishandled plants at the garden center because you think you can give them a good home.

5. You want to collect seeds from half the vegetables you eat.

6. You find yourself pruning, pruning, pruning because it’s just so much fun to be in control.

7. You wish you could prune your neighbor’s plants.

8. Visits to the zoo are more about plants than animals.

9. You wish all plants, everywhere, had labels.

10. In winter, you ease garden withdrawal by reading seed catalogs like novels.

11. You pass idle time by imagining how to plant pots to get the right combinations, then replant them.

12. When passing houses, you rearrange the entrance planting for every doorway.

13. You wish you could “cultivate the weather,” as Karel Capek put it, to make it behave: regulate the rain, decree the last frost, hush the wind …

14. You refuse to wear a watch in the garden, because gardening should always be the perfect opportunity to live in the moment.



Here are a few photo's from my 2008 vegetable garden. The first picture below was taken in early spring. The raised bed was my new herb bed. Since this photo was taken, I've added another raised bed behind the herb bed (where the onions are).


This photo (below) was taken in mid-summer - in the photo is cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, cantaloupe and peppers.




Kim said...

You have a lovely garden! I am not compulsive, but do think of it rather often.

The problem I have with gardening is analysis paralysis. There are so many different things you can do that I get overwhelmed with the possibilities and then do nothing.

I plan on planting viburnum this year, but still can't make up my mind because there are so many varieties.

I am happy to report that I only answered yes to one of those questions. HA!

Dave said...

The list above definitely applies to me! Your garden does look good. It looks like you have lots of space for it!

Leedra said...

Yes, it appears I am a very compulsive gardener. Got me on most of the items, the one I remember that I didn't answer yes to was the continual trimming. That one I don't do.

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Chandramouli S said...

That's so true, Alan! I do almost most of what you mentioned! So, that means, yes I am a compulsive gardener. I too don't do the trimming/pruning.

Unknown said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I need therapy! I can say yes to almost ALL of those statements. Leedra sent me over here just to read this. I am so adding you to my blog list right now!

Dawn Fine said...

you sure do have a nice looking garden!
very neat and tidy!
I personally dont have a garden...Hard to when our wheels dont settle down for very long periods of time.
when visiting the family I enjoy gardening with them.

Alan Pulley said...

Hi Kallen,
It's funny, because sometimes I have the same problem; however, go ahead and plant that viburnum this spring. Whatever the variety you can't go wrong with them. The berries they produce attract lots of birds.

Thanks! We live on a 1.5 acre lot. Plenty of room for gardening and a lot of grass cutting too!

Hey Leedra & Chandramouli,
Most of the list applies to me too! I'm not a big trimmer type person either. I like things in the garden to take on a more natural look.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm glad you like the blog, it means a lot!

Hey Dawn,
You'll have to get some indoor plants for your homey! If you don't have any already.

Mary said...

Alan, are you that compulsive? I laughed at all of those traits. Not me! I'm picky but...

Carol at May Dreams Gardens would LOVE this post as she is way compulsive and has an obsession with hoes.