Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BirdCam Adventures

I wanted to take some time and follow up on a previous post about my new Wingscape BirdCam. I've really been enjoying this cool little camera, even more so now that I'm back to work from my two week holiday vacation. This time of year I leave the house when it's dark out, and if I'm lucky I may get an hour of afternoon daylight when I get home. With BirdCam it's nice to have the ability to capture a little glimpse of the days birding activity.

It's been fun experimenting with it in different locations and angles throughout my yard. Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors are thinking. They probably think that I'm some sort of pervert trying to take pictures threw their! Oh well, I've learned that you can't focus too much on what others think, especially when it comes to neighbors.

Nothing spectacular, but here are a few of my favorite images thus far - click on any image to enlarge:

WSBC0017 (3) Eastern bluebirds


Red-bellied woodpecker

WSBC0015 Mourning doves - check out the motion of the wings. His wings were flapping as the camera took the picture. Looks like its doing some sort of weird matrix type moves.

BBirdhouse (9) Even throughout the winter months, eastern bluebirds will often investigate nest boxes. In colder climates they will roost in them.

I have some other cool ideas with this camera I want to try this summer. I'm incorporating a new flower bed in my backyard and want to get some photos and video of butterflies and hummingbirds. The camera also has a time delay feature so it could actually capture a flower bloom opening. I have more to learn more about that feature...

If you're interested, there are a lot more BirdCam photo's on the Wingscapes web site:


Dawn Fine said...

Wow..I am very impressed by these photos...

very very cool

Chandramouli S said...

The bluebirds are sweet. I have many parrots visiting my neighbors terrace. I saw that they're attracted to the rice that the neighbors spread. I tried the same, but the parrots wouldn't even turn towards mine - even if they've emptied the neighbors' terrace. I thought may be they gotta get used to it and waited patiently for a week, but hardly one or two visited mine. Mostly it's the squirrels that empty the rice I offer :(. I also tried to entice them with a bowl of water, but it went in vain. Any ideas?

Kim said...

What great photos. I love your blue birds. You get very nice birds and it is fantastic you can see them w/ your camera.

Machelle said...

What great pics! I miss seeing the birds during the winter, like you I arrive home just after dark.The only time I really get to watch is on the weekends.I may have have to check into this camera.

Les said...

That is one cool camera. I especially like the dove's wings, it looks surreal. I hope all your plants are doing well, and I wanted to thank you for stopping by my site.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots. I guess I should investigate a bird cam.

Dave said...

Cool pictures! I like the dove shot, very neat!

Alan Pulley said...

Chandramouli S:
Not too familiar with parrots feeding habits but have you tried any other types of seeds? I'm thinking that parrots would like something like a mixed type of birdseed. Something with some millet & milo maybe?

Machelle & Abe:
I think you would really like the camera. My dad has a game cam the he sets up in the woods behind his house & the photo quality of the birdcam is much better than his.

Dawn, Kallen & Dave:
Thanks for the complements. It's been fun to play with the last couple of weeks.

Hey Les,
No problem, glad I found your blog - good stuff!. Plants are doing great. Thank you for stopping by my site. We locals have to stick together! Ha,ha!

Anonymous said...

The mourning dove shot is fantastic - the wings!

ehunter said...

Those are some fun stories. I loved the chickens (one of my favorite birds).

I am definitely getting a birdcam.

I love how the subjects look so boldly into the camcorder lens.

Fun, fun, fun!