Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Indoor Blooms

I'm happy to report that my paperwhite narcissus are in full bloom and have provided some much needed spring color and fragrance throughout the house.


In a recent post I explained how I was going to use alcohol to stunt their growth to prevent them from flopping over. I used a ratio of one part rubbing alcohol to 10 parts of water. The paperwhites still managed to get tall, but not to the point of falling over.


Once in full bloom I back them away from direct sunlight - this seems to make the blooms last a bit longer.


After a few days of enjoying the blooms, I gave them to my parents. My dad suffers from depression and this time of year can be a little tough on him, so I thought a little spring color in their house would do him some good.

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Dawn Fine said...

Oh your paperwhites look lovely...nice gift to brighten up your dads winter..
i can smell them from here...

Leedra said...

They are lovely, and so nice to give them to your parents for them to enjoy too. I used to do this, but not this year. Enjoyed seeing yours.

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Unknown said...

Very pretty, I don't care much for the fragrance, that's why mine are outside, have about 4 blooms on them now, hooray! Nice of you to give them to your parents. I must have missed the alcohol post or didn't read it well enough, will have to look for it again.

Kim said...

They are so pretty! I am sure your dad will love them this time of year. It's amazing how flowers can lighten up ones mood.

Chandramouli S said...

Ah! I'm sure these lovely paperwhites would have calmed your dad's mind and cheered him up. Wish I could smell this beauty and satiate my nose's desire like I did to my eyes ;)