Thursday, February 19, 2009

Backyard Astronomy

If you enjoy the occasional backyard astronomy, like I do, then this is a good month for you! Throughout this month you’ll have the opportunity to see (naked-eye) up to 5 planets (but not necessary all at once). I have been enjoying the evening view of Venus this week. You can’t miss it, just look west. It’s one of the brightest things in the sky right now. Other planets that can be spotted this month are Saturn, Juniper, Mercury and Mars. Check out the original story from the link below to see when the best times to view and what direction to look in.

Tip: Use binoculars to get a closer view if you don’t have a telescope. You'll be surprised at the difference it makes.

Original story:

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Kelly said...

Thanks for the info! My family loves looking at the stars and planets. I'm going to forward your post to my hubby...he's the telescope operator!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

That is pretty neat-- thanks.

Unknown said...

My husband loves this kind of thing. He teaches me, I'll have to let him read this. I'm going out on a limb are feeling better and out of bed...?

Kim said...

Okay, I am so trying this tonight. Thanks for the heads up

Jan said...

I will try the binoculars...never thought of doing that! Don't have a telescope (although as a child we dad loved this kind of stuff;)

Thank you for bringing this to my 12 yr old son will most likely be interested!

Mary said...

We had a telescope years ago and used it often when my daughter was young. When the weather warms up a little bit, I'll pay attention. Thanks, Alan!