Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One Brave Mockingbird

  I'm excited to share this really neat photo story I came across in our local newspaper this weekend. Those local to this area may have already seen this article in Sundays newspaper.

Virginian-Pilot Newspaper photographer L. Todd Spencer was on assignment at a golf tournament in Williamsburg, VA when he spotted an immature bald eagle perched on a nearby fence. As he began to snap some photos of the eagle he noticed a smaller bird enter into the scene. The smaller bird was a northern mocking. Apparently, the mockingbird was not pleased at the eagle being there and proceeded to let the young eagle know it.

Clipboard02 Clipboard08



For those that don't know, northern mockingbirds are very territorial birds, especially when they have a nest nearby and will go after almost anything if it thinks that it's nest or young are in danger.

Despite the mockingbirds best efforts, the young eagle stood his grown.

Uneasy peace at last.


If you get a chance check out the online slide show and listen to Todd describe how it all went down:

Permission was granted to show these photos by L. Todd Spencer, a photographer for the Virginia-Pilot.



Unknown said...

Cool! We watch the Mockingbirds around here go after all types of birds. It quite entertaining.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Pretty amazing photos! When we had the eagle chase off an osprey for a big fish, it was a mockingbird who then chased the eagle. Incredible!

Dave said...

They are very territorial! We have a family of them here and almost no other birds can visit our feeders. They keep the crows and blackbirds away but also the cardinals, wrens, chickadees, and everyone else. I did see them attack a hawk once who flew too close to their nest.

Squirrel said...

What a great story! Thanks for sharing it :-)

Lona said...

My what wonderful shots. They are amazing.Feisty little swallow.

Dawn Fine said...

Wow that person got some amazing shots!
Thanks for the post Alan!

Kelly said...

...great story--love that last photo! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to hop over to the other site to check it out.

Elaine said...

Those shots are incredible. Thank you for sharing them.

Mary said...

Alan, I enjoyed this so much! I watched the video with a huge grin on my face as I have seen (as we all have) a mockingbird protecting and defending. It's quite a sight!

The last photo is wonderful.

I love the mockers.